Probate and Estate Planning in State College

Wills, Trusts & Legacy Services


Our lawyers create personalized legal documents allowing you to pass on your estate according to your wishes.  Our Legacy Services allow you to pass on you wisdom and memories to generations in the future. De Boef Lucchesi & Associates has been a trusted source for Estate Planning in State College and Probate in State College for decades. 

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Living Wills and Health Care POAs


A Living Will allows you to state your health care wishes when you are unable.  A Health Care power of attorney allows a trusted person to make those decisions for you when you are unable.

Power of Attorney (POA)


A power of attorney allows a trusted person to transact financial matters on your behalf.  This is a powerful document that must be crafted with care.

Special Categories: Farmers & Ranchers, Christian Scientists, LGBTQ


We have created special documents to respect identified religious beliefs, and to account for laws affecting the LGBTQ community.  We also recognize the planning needs of Farmers and Ranchers which can pose special considerations due to federal and state agriculture and property laws.



Probate is the process of distributing the assets of a decedent and paying the decedent's debts, including inheritance and estate taxes.